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Care Management




Navigating through the healthcare system, housing changes, and life transitions can be overwhelming and full of highly charged issues for family members. Sometimes disagreements can arise around these difficult care decisions. A good Care Manager sees the client through a clear holistic lens of experience and knowledge, and helps families evaluate needs and formulate a plan.

Care Managers help with:

  • Care Management - Often a Social worker or Healthcare professional who guides and advocates for older or disabled adults and their families through health care and housing systems.

  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare/Health Care Proxy - A trusted person one grants authority to make medical and end of life care decisions on ones behalf.

  • Health Care Advocacy – Professionals and others who empowers patients to help improve health outcomes.



Your care manager, Julie, will meet with family members and the client to obtain a history and hear the concerns and preferences. An experienced care manager, is able to assess the housing, medical and psycho-­social needs of the client. The care manager will work with you to develop a plan of care that best fits your situation. All education and advocacy for the least restrictive, yet effective, plan of care is done by julie, your care manager.

Why do I need a care manager?

How does it work?

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